On the Shoulders of Giants

Fallen from grace

The Party regroup and head back into Fallen. They battle their way into the plaza which is surrounded by old temples. The going is difficult until they discover the Ravers are actually Ghouls, then Elatha’s clerical abilities help them overcome the mobs that attack them.

The Party encounter Faela (a young priestess of the Silver Flame) at Blackstone Church, the only bastion of peace left in the overrun slums of Fallen. She advises The Party that she saw two figures that resemble Lord Frances de’Vere and Robust Dwarfman entering the old temple of the Sovereign Host. They also seemed to have some kind of power over the ravers, and may be behind the recent riots.

The Party enter the Temple of the Sovereign Host and decend towards the catacombs, where they encounter a grim sight: At the head of the church, on the desecrated altar to the Sovereign Host lies the corpse of Lord Frances de’Vere, the Pithos of Anesidora at his feet, and his body draped in the defiled tapestries from the temple at Pinnacle. Around the altar is a circle of the hearts of the zombies the Party encountered in the Aerenal Embassy and at the Citadel of the Sun. Of to the side an area has been cleared for a summoning circle, and a daemon lies in the circle, his heart cut out and placed at de’Vere’s head. An open book lies on a lectern nearby – the book of the dead from Brother Matthias Hopkins rooms in the Citadel of the Sun. The Party is too late, the ritual has been completed and Lord de’Vere’s transformation into a Liche is theoretically complete.

Unbeknownst to the Party Robust Dwarfman is nearby. Upset at his lord’s rest being disturbed he attacks the party, raising the skeletons of six former heroes of the church to cover his escape from the temple. The Party manage at great length to defeat both the skeletons and to kill Dwarfman before he can escape.



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