On the Shoulders of Giants

Reaching for Faith

Amongst the jumbled ruins...

The adventurers have an uneasy rest in the abandoned shop while the ravers prowl outside. They are given the option to leave, but instead choose to push towards Blackstone Church. Displaying all the stealth of an intoxicated buffalo they are ambushed by ravers, who take Amaril hostage. Axel rescues him in a dashing display of physical prowess, but feeling overwhelmed, the party decide to return to the relative safety of the guardhouse just outside Fallen.


Amaril journal is up [[Amaril7 | 13th Rhaan]]
At this rate, we’ve been working for Elatha for 7 days (so with guild rates of 1gp/day that’s 7GP, where we get 80% of that, and the clifftop guild gets a 2% commission)

ie we get 5gp, 6sp each; guild gets 1gp, 4sp
Elatha should be saving this up as he currently owes 35gp to the guild ;)

Reaching for Faith

It’s all good, his embassy’s covering it :)

Reaching for Faith

Laska’s chat with Amaril is in his journal.

Reaching for Faith

Journal entry up

Reaching for Faith

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