On the Shoulders of Giants

The aftermath...

In the aftermath of the events that lead the Party to Fallen:

1: On the way out of Fallen Jerika d’Denneith (who was blockading the bridge to Fallen with a squad of city guard) intercepts the party. “I am impressed you managed to get out alive,” she says “Your presence here has made a world of difference to the people of Fallen, the city watch should be able to clean up the remainder of the ravers and restore some semblance of order to this district. Amaril Brand d’Deneith, I will report your efforts here back to the house in a most favorable light.

2: The Party return the body of Lord Frances de’Vere and the Pithos of Anesidora to the Gates of Passage (the Areneal Embassy) in the district of Shae Lias. Mayne Jhaelian (the elderly priest of the Undying Court) is overjoyed to have the Pithos back, but is deeply troubled by it being turned into a Liche’s Phylactery. “It is unusual that an artifact like this should even be able to be turned into a Phylactery.” He muses to the party. “It was designed as a trap for a spirit, which may go some way to explaining what’s going on. This is bad, this is very bad. What we don’t know is why they would go to such lengths to get so specific a Phylactery. Maybe it was because he knew we can’t just destroy it, because that would release the Daemon. Maybe it was for some other reason. I’ll find out what I can from our records, you’ll need to do the same. Seek what allies you can and report back to me with your findings. Make haste though, the Liche has not risen yet but I suspect we only have a scent few days before he awakens, replete in his fell power.

3: The Party return the heart of Bother Matthias Hopkins to the Citadel of the Sun in the district of Hope’s Peak. In a beautiful and solemn ritual Aerela Tal activated the Celestial Gateway (an Eldritch Machine housed in the Citadel of the Sun that can return the dead to life when both Irian and Dolurrh are coterminous), returning him to life to the cheers of the gathered crowd. It’s several days before he recovers enough to speak with the Party. “Yes, the dwarf came in through the window, his viscous knife glinting in the light of the setting sun. He slew my acolytes before I even got out of my chair, and I didn’t stand a chance against the blighter. In my younger days I would have given that foul wizard a sound thrashing – necromancers and the undead were my forte, but now I’m too old for this adventuring business. Still, you have my thanks, and should you need any advice or assistance I will give what aid I can.” In gratitude for their work the church give each member of the party 1000 gold pieces, along with a beautiful gem-encrusted golden holy symbol of the Sovereign Host in a nice little wooden display box (worth 500gp). The Citadel of the Sun undergoes a resurgence in popularity, much to the joy of both Aerela Tal and Brother Matthias.

4: The occurrences in the Firelight that resulted in Jesse’s death are reported to the city watch. Although the watch are unable to locate the location of the Burning Ring, Lady Lark and several other competitors are arrested on the charges of murder and sentenced to 6-12 years hard labour in the cogs, with a minimum sentence of no less than 4 years. Fenton Axel Smythe is fined 50gp for competing in an illegal cage match and has been issued with a misdemeanour on his criminal record. A memorial is set up in Jesse’s name “The Jesse Toot Memorial Fund for Displaced and Hard-done-by Halflings”, with an annual cake drive planned.



The aftermath...

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