The Pithos of Anesidora


The Pithos is a 4 foot high brass jar that is said to contain a Daemon called Anesidora. The jar has embossed images on the side that show a Couatl battling a Daemon, with the Couatl eventually sacrificing itself to bind the Daemon into the jar.

Recently, Robust Dwarfman performed a ritual on Lord Frances de’Vere, turning him into a Liche and binding his soul into the Pithos as his phylactery. This obviously raises a problem, as destroying the Liche’s phylactery will release the Daemon. It is unknown at this time why they went to the effort of binding his soul to such a dangerous artifact, but as Lord de’Vere is a Liche (currently in a comatose state) and Robust Dwarfman was killed little information will be forthcoming from them.


An image from the Pithos – the Couatl battles with the Daemon.

The Pithos of Anesidora

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