I have now arrived at Sharn my dear Eldritch.
This place is huge. There are faces everywhere, none of which I know.
It is very daunting, and it is very different to home. But, I think this is a good thing. I can disappear into the background if I feel like it.

Upon my arrival a nice gentleman directed me to the Clifftop Adventuring Guild. I feel comfortable here and I am expecting to meet some like minded people. I have decided to join up as a member. This should give me some stability here if I should choose to stay on.

Now Eldritch. There is something important I must tell you, so I need you to burn this letter as soon as you have read it.
I feel very guilty at the moment, and I am a little scared for you all.
What happened between Devlin and me needs to stay that way. I know I needed your help for a while there, leaving you to protect the evidence while I approached Dracus. I know I vented at you everything I knew. However, Devlin doesn’t know this because I lied to him. Yes, he is angry at me, very angry for killing Dracus, but kicking me out of my home wasn’t just an act of revenge and fury. He also did it to protect himself from embarrassment, from his family looking down on him. He thinks I was the only person in all of the Eldeen Reaches that knew about what was really going. It must stay that way. If he knows that my whole community, my whole family, possess this knowledge, it could make things very awkward. For one thing, I have already broken one of the conditions of our agreement – tell no one.

Keep in mind that Devlin didn’t break any laws. It is his name, and his sons name, that he is trying to protect. You have no evidence there, nothing to use against Devlin, and while this might keep you safe, it also means you have no leverage should you need it. If Devlin comes around drunk or paranoid, asking questions of me, you must act dumb. Tell him I left town because I found trouble, but was too scared to speak of what it was. I know I am being overly worried here, and I do not think he could attempt to hurt the whole community, as you are a great strong fighter now Eldritch. But I do fear him alienating everyone out of embarrassment or signalling one of you out during a drunken rage. I also fear that breaking the agreement on my end means he may break it on his.

I think it is also best if nobody knows where I have decided to settle for now.
Agreements can be broken. Anger can rise up at any moment. I am fully aware Dracus could still arrive at Sharn, ready to spill blood for vengeance.
If you can send me letters, please do. I can be reached at the Clifftop Adventurers Guild. Address it to Lady Lark. It is the only name I have used here and Devlin won’t recognise it.

I have decided to do things a little differently this time. It is too obvious if you are receiving letters regularly from Sharn. I wont risk alerting Devlin of the Adventuring Guild, so I am going to keep a journal with me at all times. I shall speak with my journal as though it were you Eldritch, and when it is filled, or if I die, I shall have it sent to you.

I look forward to hearing from you Eldritch. You won’t see anything from me for a while, but I assure you, my thoughts will still reach you. When my journal arrives, it is important to me that you keep it safe.

Be strong and fight hard Eldritch, the Community is in your capable hands now.

Love, Lady


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