3.5/Pathfinder Conversions
For converting the 3.5 D&D Eberron rules to pathfinder use the following guide: EXCEPT for the dragonmarks – the rules in that guide mean non-sorcerers can only get least dragonmarks, which is a bit ordinary for anyone who isn’t a sorcerer. Use the rules in the Eberron Campaign Setting for Dragonmarks (including the Dragonmark Heir and Heir of Syberis prestige classes). Especially pertinent in that guide are the rules for Aerenal Elves, Shifters, and Warforged

Use this site for updates to characters. It’s more comprehensive and better thought out.

The following alternative alignment rules will be used:
In a nutshell:
Good is called “Responsibility” – Everyone takes responsibility for their own actions.
Evil is called “Authoritarian” – Authority over the self and others.
Law is called “Collectivism” – Focusing on the needs of the community.
Chaos is called “Individualism” – Focusing on the needs of the self.

Combining these, we get:
Lawful Good – Socialist ideals.
Chaotic Good – Libertarian ideals.
Lawful Evil – Fascist ideals.
Chaotic Evil – Survivalist ideals.

There are 3 levels of each alignment
1: Moderate – You’re not preachy about your morals, but sometimes don’t uphold them.
2: Fanatic – You can be preachy, and don’t tolerate opposing alignments.
3: Enlightened – You live and breathe your moral stance, and forgive those with differing moralities.

We’ll still call it “Good” and “Evil” and “Law” and “Chaos” to keep it simple and familiar.

… which of course means you can play an “Evil” character without having to be a complete arsehole (Like a Lawful Evil soldier who follows a strict chain of command). Or a Lawful Good Paladin without being Lawful Stupid (by being Moderate or Enlightened instead of Fanatical). And a Chaotic Evil Drow society is one that thrives on selfish ambition, without tearing itself apart in a fit of anarchy.

To update your character for this, you don’t have to change your alignment – you just have to pick whether your character is Moderate, Fanatic, or Enlightened. If you’re not sure, just pick Moderate. Simple!

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