Can you believe it Eldritch! White Gold!
I knew I needed something to get me started here, but I never expected it to be salt. It seems my talents will not go wasted in Sharn. Plenty of work for the likes of me.

This adventuring guild looks as though it is going to pay off. I have been placed with a slightly eclectic mix of adventurers, but where one has a weakness, another has a strength. I think we can work well together. We took a job for Morgrave University. I know, it sounds a little boring. But I assure you, it is not how it sounds.

Builders recently uncovered some old buildings in some place called Broken Arch.
Someone had to go down there, and catalogue anything of interest to the university.
They couldn’t send one of their own, like a research assistant. No. Instead they asked us if we were scared of spiders. If we could fight. Oh and they were right. From a giant spider swarm to an Octopus, cataloguing the items was more a case of clearing the rooms. 10 GP it was worth. That’s 10 GP each. Not enough to buy that new weapon I have my eye on Eldritch, but more than enough to live on.

The interesting thing about this job is the university itself. Anything that may not be of interest to the university is, well, of no interest to the university. For instance, there is no cultural or historical significance to a bag of salt. And salt there was Eldritch! Bags and bags of salt. If we would have cut open all those bags it would have been a white sea of white gold. But that white gold needed to be traded for real gold. 250 GP each Eldritch. That should offer me some comfort being a long way from home.


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