I have seen some strange things before Eldritch, and I have been in some funny situations. But this was a new one for me.
There is also a good lesson to be learnt here Eldritch, I don’t want you playing around with magic like it is a toy. Magic needs to be taken seriously and respected. If you are not willing to put in the effort to learn, you best leave it untouched like I.

A group of fellow adventurers and I were in a room with an apprentice wizard.
We were gathered to learn information about a new job offer.
The room also contained a cage of animals, including one Monkey. They were to be used as familiars.

While we were attempting to have a conversation, the monkey started throwing its crap around. Mr. Apprentice Wizard told us not to worry too much, as he thought that a magical shortcut was in order.
Using a wand, he decided to bring to life a broom that would clean up the mess without effort. I remember seeing the wand kind of short out or something. I could tell something wasn’t right. Oh Eldritch, you should have been there. The broom did indeed come to life. And hit the poor Mr Apprentice Wizard on the head a couple of times, killing him. It attacked the cage releasing all the animals.

Try to imagine Eldritch, a group of adventurers trying to catch an assortment of familiars! Familiars who were scared and trying to get away from us! Oh we must have looked like clowns. I will never forget holding that snake in my hand, gripping for dear life so as not to have to catch it again. And the Frog! Oh Eldritch, watching a Warforged Wizard turn that poor frog into a popsicle was something else.


On the Shoulders of Giants Zanisea