Article 693

Article 693

A new job had been posted on the board which Amaril thought would be perfect for us so he grabbed it.

Along with Axel, we would be working with the same crew from the Morgrave job. An elven cleric had come to the guild with a problem. Six of his people had been murdered in one of their temples and they had little more to go on that an amulet of the Blood of Vol left at the scene. As we were meeting with the elf named <insert>, a young wizard in the room thought he’d tidy up a bit. Using a wand he obviously wasn’t qualified to use, he animated a broom which went wild, caved in the back of his skull and knocked over a cage holding various small animals.

Amaril checked the unfortunate wizard but he was dead. The rest of us scurried around attempting to catch the animals now creating havoc in the room.

I ran to get help to no avail. When I got back to the room some of the critters had been bound in blankets, trapped under bowls, grabbed or frozen solid. It was a comical sight!

We decided that if we left the room they would likely calm themselves and at least be confined to that room. Some other guild members came to investigate the commotion and we left the clean up to them!

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Article 693

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